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applications methods


Use an airless sprayer with 210 k / cm² pressure, 4.74 l / min flow rate, a ratio of 45: 1, and a 0.53 mm 0 to 0.43 (417 to 517) tip. A conventional SG-1 compressed air sprayer for small applications (up to 100 m²).
Allow to dry between layers.
The brush can be used for retouching, but is not recommended for applications of more than 4-5 m².
Surface temperature should be from 10°C up to 240°C. For application to a warmer substrate, the polymerization time is shorter.
Theoretical coverage: 1.50 m² / l to 0.5 mm thick on a large flat surface (100 m² or more).
Add 20% for uneven or wavy surface (blasted steel or concrete).

Airless sprayer

Graco Ultra 1000 or Ultimate 1000 (hydraulic power): small jobs
Graco GM 5000 (gasoline, self-contained unit)
Graco GM 7000 or 10000 (gasoline, self-contained unit)
Graco GH 533 or GH 733 (petrol, hydraulic)
Graco Bulldog (new series) ratio 41:1

Böllhoff product series is also suitable (Taurus 200 45: 1 and above)
The sprayer must be able to produce a pressure at the tip of 210 k / cm², 4.75 l / minute, with a diffuser of 0.53 mm. The recommended diffusers are 0.021 (0.53 mm) for sprinkling roofs and 0.017 (0.43 mm) for working in confined spaces.
Wagner Power Painter ™ units (and similar) are not suitable for MetalTec TC which is too thick.

The pneumatic sprayer is less advisable because it gives a more rough finish ...
For small works of less than 100 m², a compressed air gun can be used, provided that the pressure reaches 6 to 8 bar minimum (depending on the outside temperature and therefore on the viscosity of the product), and that the diffuser has an inside diameter of 5 mm minimum (the hotter the wider the diameter must be). However, the finish will be less smooth than with an airless.

We tried the Air Gunzo pistol from the Anest Iwata Group, ref AZ PVA.
With the 1 liter tank attached, we were able to work at 6 bars without difficulty.

With a 2 meter pipe, diameter of 15 mm, we were able to take the MetalTec TC directly from the can and apply it with a pressure of 8 bars. The speed of application was smaller than with the tank, but the time saved in not having to fill the tank more than compensated for this slowdown.

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Surface Preparation

Apply MetalTec TC to a dry, clean substrate that is free of oil, grease, wax, dirt, rust or corrosion.
Although no primer is required unless after fresh blasting, risks of flash rusting, use Holdtight 102 for cleaning the surface.
In case of high humidity, wipe the water drops with a dry cloth. The surface to be protected must have a temperature higher than 15°C to avoid polymerization too slow. In fact, high temperature and high ventilation give good drying conditions.


MetalTec TC is an acrylic based product. Clean immediately after use with soap and water.
Caution: Use protective cloths to avoid dirt from spills or excess sprays.

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Application method TC

1- Remove all filters from the hoses, pump and gun.
2- Remove the lid of the bucket.
3- Get a variable speed electric drill ( max 300 rpm ), and insert a finned mixer.
4- Without operating the drill, push the mixer through the crust that will likely be formed in the bucket. Pierce this crust in several places, bringing up the liquid latex at the bottom of the bucket.
5- Slowly operate (300 rpm max) the mixer completely immersed in the bucket, taking care to prevent the bucket from rotating.
6- Mix slowly ( 4 to 5 min ), until MetalTec TC has a creamy appearance ( in English, creamy, the consistency of marshmallow marshmallow paste ).
7- To prime the pump, it is advisable to place the cane in a bucket containing 2 liters of clean water. Once the gun is in operation, the rod will be placed in the bucket of MetalTec TC.
8- When the product reaches the pump, it will emit a different sound that will announce the arrival of the MetalTec TC in the gun.
9- If the gun clogs, turn the "Reverse-A-Clean" cock and spray into an empty bucket. Then turn the tap in the other direction and continue to apply.
10- Keep a spare tip and if the first gets clogged, change and immerse the clogged tip in clear water to clean it.
11- On metal roofs, spray by ironing several times on the same surface, in a wide and regular movement.
12- Three gun passes usually deposit 0.5 mm of product ( to be verified by your spray man ). The presence of small dips in the coating, or sometimes seeing the metal under the coating is not a problem for first layers.
13- On very hot surfaces ( 100°C up to 240°C ), apply a layer of 0.1 to 0.2 mm nebulization, and let dry. It may be necessary to dilute a little ( 2% max ) the first layers. The duration of the drying depends on the temperature, but also the humidity rate of the ambient air and the ventilation. For temperatures above 100°C, refer to the "Hot Application" sheet.

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Very hot surfaces application TC (100°C up to 250°C)

Direct application on a hot surface.

The application technique of MetalTec TC on a hot surface of 100°C to 250°C, while the system is in operation, is easy.
Ambient temperature and humidity play a role.
Indeed, the higher the ambient temperature and the lower the humidity, the better.
- a) The recommended spray head is 417 or 517 ( 0.43-0.53 ) very wide opening.
- b) Regardless of the surface temperature, the first layer must be "nebulized" on the surface at a thickness of 50 to 100 microns. The technique is to move away from the hot surface until the product adheres to it without forming bubbles.
If bubbles form, it is because you are too close; move the gun away from the surface to be coated.
Then continue this application "in cloud" until the first layer adheres to the surface. At each layer, the applicator can be brought closer to the surface and larger amounts of product applied to each pass.
If heat bubbles are formed, it is because the applicator is too close to the surface and applies the product too thick for this temperature.
- c) Each layer should dry very quickly. However, after each layer the drying time should increase, because the surface temperature will drop because of the insulation qualities of the previous layers. Bare in mind : the more Tc you ve applied, the cooler is the surface. The longer should be drying time !

Suggestions are.

2 first layers 100 microns ( eventually thin with water the TC at 5% ) dry 10 -20 min ( 250°C - 100°C ) following 2-3 layers can build up a bit more ( 200-300 microns per layers ).
Then 500 - 600 microns per layer and curing time up to 30-40 min per layer below 1-1,5 mm total thickness.
Increase the thickness and drying time till you reach the safety to touch temperature ( try with your hand, best thermometer.. if over 60°C you won’t be able to touch it ).

Cold application for high temperature use.

The technique of applying MetalTec TC to surfaces working at high temperatures while they are stationary and therefore at room temperature is as simple and requires only a little organization. Here too, ambient temperature and humidity level will have influence.
Even more so in this case, the higher the ambient temperature and the lower the humidity, the better.
In this particular case, a high humidity will have a direct impact on the moisture of the product and the time that will be necessary for drying.

- a) The recommended size for the spray head is 421 or 521, although tips 17 and 19 may also be suitable.
- b) Each layer can not exceed 1 mm and 250 μ at low temperatures ( 10 to 15°C ).
- c) The drying time is at least 12 hours with as much heat and air circulation as possible.
- d) If feasible, heat the substrate during coating from inside to outside at a temperature of 49 to 66°C.
Never exceed 66°C before complete drying.
- e) If reheating is not possible during the application, heat the substrate from the inside after coating, between 49 and 66°C.
Do not exceed this temperature until the product has completely cured.
- f) If system heating is not possible at all, you will have to coat the surface with a maximum of 0.3 mm per layer.

It is important to allow the moisture to evaporate before applying a next coat.

MetalTec TC, for efficient insulation within the reach of all ...

Good application !

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