Maintenance in thermal insulation and corrosion control is our business.

Located in the southern hemisphere, in Australia, we also cover New Zealand, PNG and South East Asia.
 Since the 1980s, MetalTec has developed its activity as a specialist in corrosion control and thermal insulation, in the most important industries worldwide.

Our team is at your disposal nation wide to help you solve all your problems of corrosion protection and thermal insulation. We are working hand in hand with the most reputable contractors and coating application specialists in Australia, and the pacific region.

The desire to meet the most stringent requirements in a wide range of fields, such as the chemical, petrochemical, steel, thermal insulation, refinery, steel, cement and shipbuilding, is one of the major strength that allows us to advise and assist you on the best choice of technologies and processes suited best to your needs.

MetalTec is at the forefront of corrosion protection technology, making it a young and dynamic company that has chosen to collaborate fully with its customers, connecting them to the lastest coatings applications and technologies. 
We comply with the latest international requirements in the field of surface preparation and corrosion protection. Thermal insulation is also our top priority.

Special coatings applications are therefore a real economic factor of success for any industry where corrosion, CUI and energy losses or personal protections are an issue.,In terms of profitability, our technologies and products are reducing maintenance costs and also allow to extend the lifetimes of your surfaces or your corrosion protections (paints).

The philosophy associated with the MetalTec coatings is to extend the life of various parts, surfaces or equipment by maintaining them in impeccable condition.