MetalTec TC allows PP and skin touch safety in reducing the surface temperatures from 260°C down to 60-70°C with 5 mm thickness coating.

MetalTec TC lowers the surface temperature of steam pipes, boilers and hot tanks in any plant. MetalTec TC resists up to more than 260 ° C with only 5 mm thickness.

The MetalTec TC product was applied at Total Mauritius on hot crude oil pipes on the port.



We introduce a new concept of liquid thermal insulation coating: the MetaltecTC, that has proven records in the USA for many years, in the largest industrial concerns.

Contrarily to Rockwool and PU foam, Corrosion Under Insulation is of no concern anymore, and creeping-­‐in humidity is a story of the past…

This coating is watertight, unbelievably thin (1 to 5 mm maximum), and applicable with airless spraygun, roller or brush, in 1mm layers.

Surface preparation is minimal (wirebrishing) and application doesn’t require specially qualified manpower, space saving is astonishing as 3 to 5mm of TC will replace 8 to 12 cm of Rockwool, and sound damping is offered as a premium (10-­‐15 dB).

It creates a real barrier against humidity and condensation, and is therefore a great performer against corrosion.

TC can be applied on wals and roofs, in cellars, attics, warehouses, in all places where insulation and energy savings are required. It insulates easily valves, flanges, elbows, ducts, heat exchangers, equipment of any shape or remote corner difficult to reach… It also will protect from freezing temperatures oil and gas pipes, heating ducts and tanks.

TC is a non-­‐toxic water based acrylic paint loaded with ceramic beads that encapsulate air, and is perfect to protect personnel from burns in hot processes (skin test certified) and heat radiation (with 3 to 4 mm, temperature will drop from 180 to 50°C). MetalTec TC can be hot applied without downtime on surfaces up to 200°C with no shutdomn. It will insulate from -­‐40°C to + 260°C (peaks accepted around 300°C for short time).

It is certified as Fire Retardant, A class, doesn’t propagate fumes and doesn’t emit toxic fumes. TC is really encapsulating energy.

TC is applied on air conditionning ducts, heating systems, on vapor lines, hot oil pipes, on walls and roofs of tank farms, whenever the temperature inside, hot cold, has to be kept even, and at the same time eliminates the effects of humidity and condensation wich are main sources of costly corrosion.

And it is so thin that inspection of equipment and control of thickness can be done without dismatling the insulation coating, as everything is truly visible.

We would really appreaciate to assist you in fighting for energy savings, personnel safety and low maintenance cost with 21st century technology .

Any defect in your equipment will be detected immediately, and our coating can be easily removed for repair, then just touched up with a brush to guarantee again full protetion against corrosion and thermal insulation.

We suggest you to study this truly innovative and technical product and hope it will trigger your interest. We are at your disposal to meet you at your best convenience to make a global introduction to TC in any industries using energy and suffuring from humidity conditions.

Welcome to the new insulation technology

This last generation of thermal insulation coating (TIC) allows, with 3-5 mm of MetalTec TC, the same characteristics as rock wool or the 5-8 cm of PU foam. with remarkable additional properties preventing problems of corrosion under insulation, condensation and moisture infiltration while facilitating inspection and maintenance on any steel support.

MetalTec TC is a mono component acrylic polymer, filled with micro beads of glass and ceramic, encapsulating air. Based on space research, it combines performance, lightness, flexibility and compactness

Metaltec TC is a very stable and durable coating, completely waterproof, very thin ( from 1 to 5 mm maximum) . It also provides considerable acoustic insulation on industrial sites: 11 to 14 dB!

As an anti-corrosion coating, it provides excellent protection against rust and eliminates corrosion under insulation (CUI) It is a perfect water and humidity proof coating.

Metaltec TC insulates from temperatures between -40 ° C and 260 ° C with a maximum application temperature of 240 ° C.

MetalTec TC allows to combat the dangers of burns to the touch (has passed the test ASTM C 1055-99). It allows,with 4 to 5 mm coating, to reduce the surface temperatures from 260°C down to 60°C.

Our diagram is showing the thickness of the MetalTec TC product to be applied in order to obtain a safety temperature according to the temperature of the support, see "DATA SHEETS"

It is an approved "Fire retardant, Class A” and does not propagate flames. Its fumes are not harmful.

Due to its excellent emissivity and reflexivity properties, MetalTec TC excels in insulating structures and equipment against radiant energy. 99% of this energy is either reflected or re-emitted, meaning only 1% is absorbed.

It can easily be applied with airless spraygun, roller or brush, at thickness layers of 600-800 microns and does not require any special skill or qualification. Nevertheless Metaltec Australia provides specific training to to any contractor wishing to use the coatings

MetalTec TC is environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic since it contains no solvents.

The standard colors are white (reflects UV up to 99%) and black (energy and heat retention).

Excellent properties of radiant reflexivity, emissivity and convection
- Reduces significantly the gain in radiant energy.
- Reduced thermal conductivity.
- Important conductive insulation properties.
- Recommended for personnel protection and energy savings.

Lighter than other insulations materials, it can be applied easily and with reduced costs.

MetalTec TC need no maintenance, and can be touched up and repaired.

Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates (steel, non-ferrous, PVC, cement, concrete, plastic and even PE) Resistant to moisture and humidity.

- Helps prevent corrosion and rust (prevent CUI).

Strongly reduces or eliminates condensation.

Eliminates CUI (corrosion under insulation) MetalTec TC allows easy visibility for inspection and maintenance at any time.

Significant costs savings in labour costs.

Significant acoustic insulation.

Main applications:
* Thermal Insulation of ducts, valves and tanks or pipes (heating HVAC any type of liquid or fluid).
* Internal and external insulation of walls and facades, roofs of hangars, buildings, workshops...

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