Finally, a new alternative to traditional thermal insulation (rockwool + aluminum shells) offering the same coefficient of insulation but applying more economically and in thinner layers.
MetalTec TC is a waterborne, single component coating applied with spray gun or brush in thicknesses ranging from 600-800 microns per layer.
Our MetalTec TC product is applied on pipes, boilers tanks, vessels, evaporators, distillators, crystalizers, or any surfaces at service temperatures from 15° to 240°C without shutting down the installation.
Metaltec TC complies with the environmental protection charters. It is a "green" product certified as non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable...


MCU Coatings has developed a new generation of special coatings for the most difficult application conditions, in terms of temperatures ( -15 to 140°C ), high humidity ( from 6% to 99% ) with a very short drying time (3 layers in less than two hours) not necessarily requiring sandblasting or blasting. MCU can be applied with surface preparations as limited as ST3.
These 21st century moisture cure coatings are single-component polyurethanes which form an impassable barrier to moisture and corrosion, on any type of support: steel, metals alloys, concrete, cement etc.
This new generation of moisture cure urethane coatings has more than 3 times the long term resistance corrosion resistance over time to any epoxy coating of older generation...

MetalTec TC is easy to apply to gun, roller or brush in 0.5 to 1mm coat and requires no special qualification.

MetalTec TC allows safety skin touch and PP temperature (60°C) with 4 to 5 mm of coatings, to surfaces up to 260°C .

MetalTec TC applies to pipes, boilers or surfaces in service at temperatures between 15 and 240 ° C without shutting down the installation.

MetalTec TC reduce condensation on cold pipes or hot air pipes which is an important cause of corrosion.